Dr. Juhee Park may recommend pulp capping as an alternative to a root canal treatment. Pulp capping helps protect the tooth and the dental pulp so that you can keep your tooth healthy and protect it from damage. Call Island Dentistry at 949-497-4900 to schedule a consultation with our dentists and learn more about pulp capping in Laguna Beach, California.

Your dental pulp is incredibly important. This inner tooth tissue contains the nerves and blood vessels that keep your tooth alive and allow it to function properly. When your dental pulp is exposed to bacteria in your mouth due to injury or decay, it can cause the tooth to become infected and die. Pulp capping protects the tooth, cutting off the bacteria from the pulp and working to preserve your tooth issues. There are two main types of pulp caps:

  • Direct Pulp Caps — This type of cap is recommended when decay or trauma exposes the dental pulp, and it involves using a special material to seal the pulp chamber and prevent any further damage from occurring.
  • Indirect Pulp Caps — Indirect caps are recommended when the process of removing tooth decay comes close to exposing the dental pulp. This type of cap forms a seal over the tooth to prevent pulp exposure and protect against further damage in the future.

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